The Council's first asset lies in its members, their credibility, experience and commitment. The Council currently unites 400 active members from more than 60 countries. They are the heart of the Council as they have an important role both in its governance and in its activities. Members constitute the ultimate authority of the World Water Council. Through the General Assembly, they decide and vote on its future orientation, budget and activities.

    All Council members enjoy the same rights and benefits; in particular each active member holds one vote. Between two General Assemblies, members are represented by 36 Governors, who oversee the general operations of the Council.

    To ensure a balanced representation of the various stakeholders within the governing body of the Council, members are classified into five different colleges. Each college is guaranteed with a minimum number of four seats on the Board of Governors.

    • College 1: Intergovernmental organisations
    • College 2: Governments and government promoted organisations
    • College 3: Commercial organisations
    • College 4: Civil society organisations¬†
    • College 5: Professional and academic organisations

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