The World Water Council works on a number of areas that harness the expertise and experience of our members. We seek to increase the visibility, impact, and influence of these issues among key stakeholders to advance the course of the critical water-related challenges of our times. 

    These are the signature initiatives of the World Water Council.

    Financing water infrastructure

    The Council is committed to scaling up solutions, increasing investment, mobilizing key stakeholders and encouraging sustainable financing mechanisms for multi-use infrastructure.

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    Cities at the heart of growth

    The Council works to enhance water security in cities by helping local and regional authorities to prioritize water within sustainable urban development and planning.

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    Water and climate change

    With key partners, the Council focuses on elevating the role of water in adapting to climate change and increasing resilience at all levels including major international summits and processes.

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    Integrating the World Water Forums

    The Council tracks work on the 7th World Water Forum's Implementation Roadmaps, as key vehicles to monitor publicly committed actions on the road to the 8th Forum in 2018 and beyond.

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    Involving key political actors

    To strengthen and deepen political engagement, the Council works with governments, parliamentarians and partners to increase the visibility of water on the agenda of key multilateral political forums.

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    Integrated water resource management

    The Council focuses on policy development and innovation that galvanizes the political support required to make integrated water resource management a reality.

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    In addition to the World Water Council's main initiatives, members are also encouraged to propose work on new and emerging issues.