24th ICID International Congress & 72nd International Executive Council Meeting

    International Convention Centre, Sydney 14 Darling Drive, Darling Harbour NSW 2000, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA

    The International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID), established in 1950 is a leading scientific, technical, and professional not-for-profit international organization working in the field of irrigation, drainage, and flood management. The main mission is to promote ‘Sustainable agriculture water management’ to achieve ‘A water secure world free of poverty and hunger through sustainable rural development’. The membership of the Commission consists 78 countries organized under the departments responsible for irrigation, drainage or agricultural water management <www.icid.org>.

    ICID has been organizing its flagship triennial event International Congress on Irrigation and Drainage since 1951. The 1st ICID Congress was held in 1951 at Delhi and so far, ICID has held 23 Triennial Congresses. The ICID triennial Congresses focus on the upcoming issues that need to be addressed in irrigation, drainage and flood management. During the Congress, papers are presented and discussed for two Questions, a Special Session, Symposium, and Seminar. Participation is open to all National Committees and their members, international organizations, and experts working in agriculture water management.  The Congresses provide a platform for reviewing a number of contentious issues concerning the future of irrigation water vis-à-vis increased demands for competitive uses of water.

    The technical proceedings of the Congresses are compiled in the form of Transactions which are considered to be an authoritative guide and reference volume to researchers and professionals across the world, including farmers at grass root level.

    Theme: Innovation and research in agricultural water management to achieve sustainable development goals
    Question 62: What Role Can Information and Communication Technology Play in Travelling the Last Mile (i.e. the greater adoption of research outputs)?
    Question 63: What Role Is Played By Multi-Disciplinary Dialogue To Achieve Sustainable Development Goals?
    Special Session: Developing the future tools for managing uncertainty in irrigation water supply

    International Convention Centre, Sydney 14 Darling Drive, Darling Harbour NSW 2000

    Irrigation Australia Limited, International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID)