Toward delivering on the Daegu and Gyeongbuk implementation commitment

    During the Korea International Water Week 2017, from 20 to 23 September, the World Water Council co-convened the second Implementation Roadmap Review Meeting and a World Water Partnership Meeting.  These two initiatives aim at following up on the previous World Water Fora, especially the 7th edition, and promoting the implementation of solutions. Additionally, the World Water Council was actively involved in the Water Leaders Roundtable and the 10th High-level Panel on Water and Disasters.

    On 21 September, the second Implementation Roadmaps (IR) Review Meeting gathered DGIC Champions and Theme Coordinators of the 8th World Water Forum to share information and responsibilities, in addition to creating continuity and catalyzing multi-stakeholder collective action in the lead up to the 8th World Water Forum. This meeting was the occasion for DGIC Champions, the Korea Water Forum and the World Water Council to prepare the IR special session at the 8th World Water Forum during which a final report on the Implementation Roadmaps will be launched. 

    Following up on the 2016 edition, the World Water Partnership meeting and its Call for Action focused on the topic “Adapt to Climate Change: Managing risks for resilience and Disasters Preparedness.” Gathering the Ministry of Infrastructure and the environment of the Netherlands, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MoLIT) of the Republic of Korea, Japan Water Forum, ICHARM, IWRA, Bouregreg and Chaouia Hydraulic Basin Agency, and the World Water Council, this meeting aimed at establishing an action plan on international water issues and connecting the editions of the World Water Forum.