Water and Development Congress & Exhibition

    King Hussein bin Talal convention centre, Jordan

    Water Security for Sustainable Growth Water is one of the most critical issues facing the world today, with developing and emerging countries facing some of the biggest challenges. The Water and Development Congress & Exhibition brings together thought leaders and decision makers from within and outside the water sector to address the key issue of ‘Water Security for Sustainable Growth’. Organised by the International Water Association (IWA) in Jordan from 18 – 22 October, the Congress features a range of topics and a diverse set of viewpoints from global water leaders. Agenda setting Keynote Speakers will daily set the tone and address the key opportunities to finding solutions for global water challenges. The development paradigm is evolving quickly beyond established boundaries. Failing states, slowly developing countries, developing and emerging economies see large differences in their models and stages of progress. This is reflected at the national and sub-national level in areas of stability, development and growth alternating with areas of instability, under-development and stagnation. A diverse set of factors underlie the differences in development across continents and nations. In whatever form, they make up a complex context within which water resources are managed and water, sanitation and wastewater services are delivered. The potential and contribution of water management to development in this diverse set of situations varies greatly. Today many developing nations are rapidly transforming into emerging economies. For many, the water, sanitation and wastewater services sector provides an opportunity to progress, invest and develop in areas beyond the water sector. To grasp this opportunity much work needs to be realised on a variety of fronts, including technology, regulation, science, education, and finance. The Congress aims to deliver greater synergies between academia, research and practice; by connecting diverse actors from across academia, industry, technology and policy, it aims to move from theory to implementation at scale. The Water and Development Congress & Exhibition is the biennial global event on water solutions for developing and emerging countries. You are invited to contribute to this event by sharing your knowledge and expertise with fellow professionals working on water resource, water supply and sanitation with a focus on emerging economies. You will join over 1000 water professionals from government, research institutes, consultancies, technology companies, NGO’s, service providers, and other key stakeholders from within and outside of the water sector. The Congress focus will be on key topics that catalyse transformational change and support transition to new ways of managing water resources and delivering water services. You can contribute to this event in various ways, by submitting a paper, becoming a strategic partner, exhibiting, sponsoring or joining the discussion as a delegate; there are plentiful opportunities to showcase your work and experiences and to hear from others. Together we can realise a sustainable and resilient water world.

    International Water Association (IWA)