First International Environment Forum for Basin Organizations

    Bangkok (Thailand)
    The first Forum will be organized in close cooperation with the 9th General Assembly of the International Network of Basin Organizations and the Royal Thai Government announced UNEP. The Forum will create a global platform for basin organizations - as well as other relevant actors such as international financial institutions, secretariats of multilateral environmental agreements and other UN Agencies - to work together towards stronger governance and management of transboundary freshwater bodies through the adequate integration of environmental considerations and responses to challenges faced by freshwater basins.
    The expected outcomes of the Forum include:
    • The establishment of a regular platform for basin organizations to debate and work towards improving the governance and management of transboundary freshwater resources;
    • Strengthened legal, policy, financial and institutional mechanisms to support basin organizations in meeting environmental challenges for both surface and groundwater resources;
    • Priority actions to strengthen the ecosystems in transboundary basins applicable to both surface and groundwater resources identified by stakeholders; and
    • Increased political and institutional support to international cooperative frameworks for the sustainable management of transboundary basins.

    A High-level panel will discuss the way forward for sustainable governance and management of freshwater basins based on the outcomes of these technical exchanges.  You can access here to the Second Announcement Document, and a First draft agenda.

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    United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)