29th ANEAS Annual Convention and Expo

    Chihuahua, Mexico
    One of the most important events in Latin America regarding the water and sanitation field, where national and international experts, entrepreneurs, policymakers and academics come together. 
    The Annual Convention and Expo, is organized by the National Association of Water and Sanitation Utilities of Mexico (ANEAS) has an attendance over 4,000 participants and 400 products suppliers and inputs for companies engaged in water sector. 
    With a program based on lectures, panel discussions, courses, workshops, side events, business meetings and technical visits; companies and water utilities in Mexico, as well as the participation of water experts, all converge in the identification of common problems, determine solution strategies and regulate their operation, all this in the theme of each edition.  
    During the ANEAS Annual Convention, the highlights and experiences of the subsector are discussed among the attendees, in addition to the strengthening and capacity building of technical and administrative levels of workers, professionals and business managers of water and sanitation. 
    This event also has the support and participation of national and international organizations such as the National Water Commission (CONAGUA), the Mexican Institute of Water Technology (IMTA), the Water Environment Federation (WEF), American Water Works Association (AWWA), Association of Regulators of Water and Sanitation in the Americas (ADERASA), UN-Habitat, Latin American Association of Water and Sanitation Operators (ALOAS), UNESCO, International Water Association (IWA), the World Water Council, World Bank.
    Since 1983, the association performs the EXPO-ANEAS; which started as the business and technical exchange network between water utilities and companies.  
    In 1986, arose the necessity to analyze and discuss the problems existing in the water sector, that the participation of leaders, experts and most important specialties of the sector is indispensable to exchange ideas, analysis, proposal and debate with the aim of providing solutions and reach agreements that will improve the situation described by utilities and companies in the country.  
    At the present, the ANEAS Annual Convention brings together personalities of the national, regional and worldwide water sector and promotes the development of projects through a number of agreements that benefit society.  
    Organizing committee 
    • National Association of Water and Sanitation Utilities of Mexico 
    • State and municipal government 
    • Host Water Utility 
    • National Water Commission (CONAGUA) 
    Technical Program 
    • Courses and Workshops 
    • Lectures / Sessions/ Panels 
    • Discussion Boards 
    These count with the participation of: 
    • Private Sector: From 1859 subsector suppliers, 426 participate permanently active in ANEAS organized events and in the magazine Water and Sanitation. 
    • Academy, Research and Development Sector: UNAM, UPAEP, IANL, IMTA, Colmex, CONACyT, CYTED and CAALCA. 
    • Public Sector: SEP (CONOCER), SE (NOM and NMx), CONAGUA, SHCP (SAT), INDETEC, SNCF, SEMARNAT, Municipal Governments, State Governments, President Office, Tourism Secretary, Local Congresses and Senators and Deputies Chambers. 
    • Chambers, Associations and Institutions involved directly or indirectly with the sector: CMIC, Engineering College in different states of the Republic, AMH, Water Advisory Council, WWC, AWWA, WEF, IWA, AIDIS and ALOAS. 
    • Diplomatic Relations: Israel, Finland, Czech Republic, France, Australia, Sweden and USA. 
    • Multinational organizations: ONU and IWA 
    Cultural Program and Accompanying  
    The cultural program considers evening events inside and outside the exhibition centre, sponsored by the host water utility, with no cost for the conventioneers.   
    The accompanying program includes morning cultural and recreational tours, having cost for the participants. 
    400 products and services suppliers classified in:   
    • Commercial Area  
    • Scientific-Technological Area  
    • Water Culture Area 
    Technical Talks and Business Meetings  
    Personalized attention meetings among conventioneers and suppliers during the event, in order to create opportunities for all interested professionals in expanding their knowledge and improve quality of their services in drinking water and wastewater sector. 
    Side Events 
    Several National and International institutions hold meetings during the ANEAS Convention. 
    Asociación Nacional de Empresas de Agua y Saneamiento de México - ANEAS