World Water Council launches book on Climate Resilience in Stockholm

    05 septembre 2016

    The World Water Council, in cooperation with CONAGUA and ANEAS, have successfully launched the final product of their nearly two-year cooperative work. The scientific book entitled Increasing Resilience to Climate Variability and Change, The Roles of Infrastructure and Governance in the Context of Adaptation was presented during a session convened at the World Water Week in Stockholm. 
    President Benedito Braga welcomed the participants emphasizing that “this scientific publication demonstrates how the water sector can provide valuable solutions for challenges posed by climate change and variability, which proves the interconnection between climate and water.”  
    Dr. Cecilia Tortajada, editor of the publication, emphasized among the key messages emerging from the 11 case studies, that there is a need to bridge the gap of scientific knowledge in this particular field, as evidence from case studies shows that infrastructure can significantly contribute to building climate resilience. However, infrastructure alone is not sufficient for increasing resilience, as it must be accompanied by appropriate governance and management approaches aligned with local contexts. 
    A lively discussion took place between authors of case studies, moderated by Prof. Asit Biswas, addressing the crucial benefits and important considerations of infrastructural development in the context of climate change. WWC Vice-President Dogan Altinbilek closed the session by reiterating that water has a crucial role to play within the global adaptation agenda.
    The publication can be optained here.