Cairo Water Week

    Nile Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Cairo, Egypt

    Arid and semi-arid regions are suffering from several water problems such as desertification, water scarcity,  upstream countries development and significant effect of climate change. Egypt shares common concern with many regional and international conglomerates, such as the Arab region, which suffers from water scarcity and characterized with vast desert. At the same time, Egypt is part of the Mediterranean basin facing environmental problems due to climate change and sea level rise. On the other hand, Egypt is part of African region and generally characterized by high level of poverty and poor access to infrastructure and social services.

    CWW will promote water awareness, foster new thinking about the most pressing water-related challenges and take actions towards integrated water resources management and conservation for sustainable development.

    On behalf of the government of Egypt, Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation in cooperation with international partners will organize the first   Water Week in Cairo during October 2018.

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    Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation