news : 布拉加将连任世界水理事会主席

    2015年11月14日,在法国马赛召开的世界水理事会第七次全体会员大会上,贝内迪托·布拉加再次竞选主席并获得连任。15日上午,布拉加主席在讲话中说,“很荣幸再次获得理事会的信任,我愿与理事会成员紧密合作,共同使水成为全球和地区的重点关注。但是,我们还有很长的路要走,特别是要将水问题纳入全球气候议程的核心。我们要让全球的领导者们认识到气候问题即水问题,水问题即气候问题。我非常期待继续带领理事会完成这一重要的使命。” 世界水理事会第七次会员大会上,还选举产生了新一届董事会成员,他们将协助布拉加主席在未来三年执行理事会最新通过的关于水安全、适应性及可持续性方面的决策。 来自40个国家的逾250名与会者参加了此次大会。

    news : 水理事会选举新一届董事会成员(任期2016-2018年 )

    在世界水理事会第七次全体会员大会上,选举产生了新一届董事会,任期至2018年。三年一次的世界水理事会全体会员大会在法国马赛召开,来自全球40个国家的逾250人参加了会议。 新一届董事会将在未来三年内协助贝内迪托·布拉加主席完成在第七次全体会员大会上通过的水理事会关于水安全、适应性、可持续性等方面的战略。 世界水理事会董事会由来自理事会5个会员类别的35家会员机构组成:
    1. 政府间机构
    2. 政府和政府当局
    3. 企业和运营商
    4. 民间团体和用水户协会
    5. 专业协会和学术机构

    news : 首届金融时报水峰会即将召开,水理事会为创始伙伴

    The World Water Council has announced it is founding partner for the first edition the Financial Times Water Summit.  The event will take place in London on 27 October and will bring together the financial community as well as large corporates and political leaders, to focus on collaborative ways in which companies around the world are working with the broader water community to deal with scarcity and enable growth.

    news : 水理事会与韩国伙伴寻求合作

    On the occasion of World Water Week, the World Water Council signed two agreements extending collaboration with its Korean partners. The agreements were signed just after a special session that was convened by the World Water Council and the 7th World Water Forum secretariat to present the major outcomes of the 7th World Water Forum. A first agreement was signed between the World Water Council and K-Water on the important role technology and big data can play in smart water management.

    news : 世界水理事会在斯德哥尔摩世界水周期间发布重要事宜

    “Water security is probably the greatest human challenge of this century – it is at the heart of a daily crisis faced by millions… It is also the lifeblood of our economy, our environment and our very wellbeing,” said World Water Council President Benedito Braga at the closing plenary of this year’s World Water Week in Stockholm. The theme of this year’s 25th edition was Water and Development, and the Council was actively represented throughout the week at a number of sessions and debates.

    news : 世界水理事会:各国须履行路线图,共建水安全世界

    • Implementation Roadmap developed to guide work of next three years
    • Sustainable Development Goals in September mark next milestone
    • Major political agreements made at the 7th World Water Forum

    The 7th World Water Forum entitled ‘Water for our Future’ drew to a close today, and was heralded by participants as the most politically impactful ever.

    news : 世界水理事会提出水资源综合管理

    At the 7th World Water Forum, the World Water Council will host a High Level Panel on the future directions of Integrated Water Resource Management. The challenge will be to identify how the role of Integrated Water Resource Management might develop in the next 15 years in light of the Sustainable Development Goals.

    High Level Panel members will debate and respond to the challenges and issues identified by a Discussion Paper ‘Integrated Water Resource Management: A New Way Forward’.

    news : 世界水理事会寻求可持续发展目标

    At today’s High-Level Panel on Water in the Post-2015 Development Agenda, the World Water Council is urging policy makers and water stakeholders from all nations to maintain the momentum for a dedicated Sustainable Development Goal for water in order to achieve water security in all domains. At the same time the Council is challenging the water community to focus attention on how such a goal will be implemented. A decade ago, water merited little attention and support from global decision-makers, business and opinion leaders. Today, the script is very different.