news : 长期重视水问题的巴西利亚地方长官赢得选举

    On the occasion of a recent visit to Brasilia, President Benedito Braga congratulated Senator Rodrigo Rollemberg for his election as Governor of Brasilia. An elected official in the Federal District of Brasilia (GDF) since 1994, Rodrigo Rollemberg has forged his reputation on integrity, local engagement and social responsibility. Representing the GDF at the National Congress since 2006 and elected Senator in 2011, Rodrigo Rollemberg is a distinguished politician defending the environmental sector in Brazil.

    news : 清除伙伴关系提高水分利用效率

    水是一个重要的先决条件,以及年绿色增长的主要驱动力。然而,在很多地方漏水和浪费是巨大的挑战,可持续增长和障碍。 “为什么我们没有看到更多基于性能的合同,在水务部门? ”问题在资助城市漏水解决方案在丹麦哥本哈根举行的第三届全球绿色增长论坛会议上的发言。 “为了使合作伙伴关系是成功的,每一个利益相关者的角色,必须明确界定。一般来说,成功的PPP发生时的风险和责任都显然定义其中涉及的演员, “在世界水理事会主席告诉丹麦环境部部长伊达奥肯和范凡邵族,董事会成员包括高层次的观众河内管理,供水公司和乔纳森·泰勒,副总裁,欧洲投资银行。进行相反的主席参加了“可持续粮食生产的全体会议上做更多更好地与少”,其中他谈到的最佳实践和成功的水和农业方案已经成功地减少低效的灌溉系统做了几个例子。第三届全球绿色增长论坛于10月21-22日举行,丹麦政府主办,中国,肯尼亚,韩国,墨西哥和卡塔尔政府合作。

    news : 相聚里昂,共商能源与水

    Lyon, France, 31 October 2014 - Around 330 participants attended the conference “Preserving the flow of life” which aimed to address strategic issues related to Water and Energy interdependency. The roundtables brought together international representatives from the energy and water sectors and focused on topics articulated around water and energy governance, the energetic efficiency of water services, and innovations in water and energy. Also showcased were examples of local authorities’ involvement in these issues.

    agenda : 跨界水资源合作研讨会


    国际水合作2013年,世界水理事会与欧洲议会,色格拉法国香水和莱茵河默兹水局,独家跨界水资源合作研讨会的合作组织。 高级别国际扬声器预计在12月11日在欧洲议会讨论和辩论了一天。 本次研讨会将促进通过呈现不同的资产联合管理跨界水合作方案的成功的例子。 专家和决策者将引导您完成从欧洲到亚洲,拉丁美洲和非洲通过最佳实践。 如需更多信息和注册,请联系WWC总部: 下载文件 概念不 方案草案 物流文件 该事件的传单

    news : 寻求共同行动,从第7届世界水论坛迈向第8届世界水论坛

    Earlier this month, the World Water Council reached out to the 7th World Water Forum Implementation Roadmap Champions in order to provide strong inputs, on behalf of the water community, to the preparatory process of the United Nations High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF), which will be held from 10 to 19 July 2017.  Catalyzing the strong determination of the global water community to implement collective actions on priority water-related issues, the Roadmaps and DGIC Champions benefit from a strategic and comprehensive vision relative to various water related issu

    news : 20年前,是谁认为水是全球事务的重点?——是我们。

    The idea of forming a ‘world water council’ to unite efforts in global water management was first proposed in 1992 at the UN Conference on Environment and Development in Dublin and at the first Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. Over the next few years, there was much discussion and debate to establish the vision, objectives and scope of activities for such an organization. This culminated with the creation of the World Water Council, which was registered in Marseille in June of 1996. This year, 2016, the World Water Council is proud to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

    news : 世界水理事会设立高层专家组

    Davos, Switzerland, 21 January 2016 – The Secretary-General of the United Nations and the President of the World Bank have announced today their intention to form a new panel to mobilize urgent action towards the sustainable development goal for water and sanitation (SDG6) and related targets.  The announcement was made at the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting 2016 and comes days after WEF’s Global Risk Report 2016 lists water as the number one global risk of highest concern in the next ten years, and fifth year in a row as a top three global risk of highest impact.