8th World Water Forum preparations get underway

    28 六月 2016

    Brasilia, Brazil, 27 June 2016 - "We are here together in record numbers today to highlight the importance of sharing water in the presence of representatives from across the world – from political leaders, to representatives of academia, intergovernmental organizations, civil society and business. And also the young leaders of tomorrow," announces Benedito Braga, President of the World Water Council, at the opening ceremony of the 8th World Water Forum Kick-off Meeting on Monday 27 June. The kick-off meeting for the 8th edition of the world’s largest event on water marks the beginning of a 2-year preparatory process which will lead all the way up to the Forum, to be held from 18 to 23 March 2018. Nearly 800 participants from 55 countries registered to take part in the kick-off deliberations, a record in the history of the World Water Forum. In addition to discussing the most pressing Thematic issues the Forum should address, four other processes were also discussed: Political, Regional, Sustainability and Citizens Forum. These inputs will help to further refine the overall framework of the 8th World Water Forum.  In his opening address, President Braga also emphasized the opportunity for the participants to make their voices heard and to create a Forum together that reflects their concerns, in an effort to truly make a difference, support ongoing progress and influence decision-makers. Rodrigo Rollemberg, Governor of the Federal District of Brasilia stated that “This Forum is needed at a time when 78% of jobs depend on water…Let’s move forward so this Forum becomes a stepping stone in making water an issue of the utmost importance.” “Often the public agenda for water doesn’t have the importance it should,” said Vicente Andreu Guillo, President of ANA, the Brazilian Water Agency. “The Forum will be a milestone for water resources management in Brazil.”  The World Water Forum is the largest water-related event in the world, aimed at putting water firmly on the international agenda. It is organized every three years by the World Water Council in collaboration with the authorities of the host country. Organized in order to shape the Forum’s framework, the Kick-off is an important step in the Forum working process. The 8th edition of the World Water Forum is co-organized by the World Water Council together with the Governments of Brazil and Brasilia. Its theme, a unique contribution from Brazil is “SHARING WATER.” It will be held in the southern hemisphere for the first time ever from 18 to 23 March 2018.

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