Can Water spurt Green Growth?

    27 二月 2013

    Since 2011 the Council has worked on examining the role of water resources in economic growth in partnership with the Korean Government. This week, the Council, represented by its Vice-President, Dogan Altinbilek, is among high-level experts, politicians and journalists in London, United Kingdom, to discuss the ‘up-scaling’ of Green Growth strategies. It is Chatham House that organizes the conference ‘Green Growth: Transforming economies for competitiveness and resilience’ in association with one of the Council’s members - Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI). The conference also provides the opportunity for the Council to discuss future collaborations with GGGI and further the work on the project’s policy framework with a renowned specialist from the University of London. The Water and Green Growth Project includes three phases and its outcomes should be presented at the 7th World Water Forum in Korea 2015. More about the Council’s and Korea’s joint project “Water and Green Growth”: More about the conference at Chatham House: