Global changes

    © Sasa Kadrijevic 

    With the objective of addressing key global factors reshaping the world of water, the World Water Council launched a new initiative on Global Changes from the merging of two work streams : Water and Climate Change and Cities: At the heart of growth.

    The term Global Changes encompasses transformations affecting climate , population growth, urbanisation, energy demand, transport, communication, land use and land cover.

    All these changes influence the complex problem of water scarcity as well as intensifying the competition for allocation of water resources among users and sectors ultimately affecting the most crucial aspects of our lives. 

    Through the different strategic actions, the initiative investigates their implications on our societies as well as providing solutions for the related impacts in a more integrated way stressing their extreme interdependence. 

    Strategic Actions

    • Garner greater attention for water issues within climate dialogues internationally
    • Act in the capacitation of communities to adapt to global changes and population dynamics
    • Seek out cooperative partnerships to reinforce the capacities of communities to improve their disaster preparedness and resilience in the event of emergency situations, humanitarian crises and forced migration