Sharing ideas on sharing water

    24 мая 2016

    Brazil’s visionary theme of ‘Sharing Water’ for the 8th World Water Forum embodies its commitment to finding the best ways to use and conserve water. The Forum in Brazil, the first to be held in the southern hemisphere, will be hugely significant, not only for Brazil, but for the whole of South America, and Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries. Indeed, the blue-green logo that has been adopted for the 8th World Water Forum combines many of these aspects, including the number 8, a water drop, and an infinity symbol.
    Members of the 8th World Water Forum International Steering Committee, meeting for the first time in Brasilia, 2–3 May, forged ahead with planning this historic milestone in the ongoing process of advancing water management. Foremost in the minds of committee members was shaping the Forum to support lasting improvements in managing water, in line with the now confirmed Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement. 
    Committee members delved deeply into the nuts and bolts of preparations for the Forum to capture synergies between preparatory work streams. They invite the water community to chip in with their input and to have their say at the 8th World Water Forum Kick-off meeting, 27–28 June, in Brasilia.
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