Cairo Water Week - Closing session, speach of Loïc Fauchon

    Loic Fauchon's speach at the Closing session of Cairo Water Week 2022.

    During his closing speech, Loic Fauchon reminded us of the importance of making the voice of water heard, as it is still too often in the background, and of providing answers to populations in difficulty:

    "Make water security and savings a global priority for policy makers."
    "Completely rethink the mechanisms for financing the water sector in the poorest countries."

    "Hydrodiplomacy is dialogue, again and again dialogue! "
    "Promote innovative and non-conventional water resources coupled and linked to renewable energy." "We need a real harmony between water for humans and water for nature."
    "These are very simple principles regarding water: security , finance, governance and sharing."


    Download the speach in french or english below.