news : Comienza la cuenta regresiva para VII Foro Mundial del Agua

    Daegu-Gyeongbuk, Republic of Korea, 14 May 2013 - “The 7th World Water Forum will bridge the solutions of the last Forum to their implementation and will have high in the agenda the issue of Science and Technology to stop the water suffering” World Water Council President Ben Braga said yesterday morning at the 7th World Water Forum Kick-off Meeting. Also opening this two-day event were distinguished guests Mr. Seoung-hwan Suh, Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of the Republic of Korea, Mr. Bum-il Kim, Mayor of Daegu, Mr.

    news : Sistema de Monitoreo de Acción (AMS)

    El objetivo de la plataforma interactiva del Sistema de Monitoreo de Acción es el registro y monitoreo del avance de la Comunidad Global del Agua del logro de la implementación de los planes de trabajo emanadas del séptimo Foro Mundial del Agua. En base a los resultados del sexto Foro (Marsella, 2012), el AMS es articulado en torno a 16 áreas temáticas del séptimo Foro, que evolucionarán en los próximos tres años durante el camino hacia el 8º Foro (Brasilia, 2018).

    news : La creciente movilización gubernamental para "Agua para nuestro futuro"

    Paris, UNESCO Headquarters, 24-25 February 2015 - Over 200 government representatives are meeting again for the Second Ministerial Preparatory Committee meeting (PrepCom II) along with international organizations and civil society representatives. In preparation for the 7th World Water Forum, PrepCom II will define the political priorities and progress towards “Water for our Future” and set the foundations for the 7th World Water Forum’s Ministerial Statement. 

    news : Inicia el rodaje por el agua con el 4º IFWE

    The 4th edition of the International Water and Film Event will take place in Daegu and Gyeongbuk, Republic of Korea, during the 7th World Water Forum next April 2015. 
    Movie directors, producers, water stakeholders, youth, and all citizens are invited to participate in the competition and express their views on water issues. The theme for the 7th edition of the World Water Forum is “Implementing solutions.”

    news : Mexico Water Prize extiene su convovatoria al 15 de Febrero

    Towards the establishment of local public policies for water supply and sanitation.
    The organizing committee of the 3rd Edition of the Mexico Water Prize is calling for applications.
    Previously known as the Compromiso Mexico Prize, the Prize aims to promote, divulge and stimulate best practices in implemented public policies which have had successful local outcomes for water resources management, and which can demonstrate measurable results in the solution of problems related to water supply, sewerage and sanitation services.