Water and Climate Change


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    Climate challenges have been central to the World Water Council’s strategy in recent years, as it exacerbates existing challenges to water resources development and management encompassing many disciplines, nations and societal dimensions. 

    Indeed, in cooperation with CPWC, IUCN and IWA, the World Water Council issued a series of 18 reports and perspective papers on climate change during the 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul and organized a high-level panel on the subject on that occasion. More recently, it has examined food and energy issues through the climate change lens and is undertaking an extensive study on “Increasing Resilience to Climate Variability and Change: The Role of Infrastructure and Governance in the Context of Adaptation” with the support of the Mexican Government. Climate change has been a key topic in every Forum and the Council has been active in many key climate-related events. The World Water Council was granted UNFCCC observer status in 2016 and has been actively participating with the Convention in various ways, including as a co-convenor of the Global Climate Action Day for Water during CoP22.

    Actions and outputs from the 2016-2018 Strategic Plan

    Strategic actions

    • Work with governments and key partners to elevate the role of water in adaptation to climate change on the political agenda
    • Work with partners to better define the financing challenges of multi-purpose infrastructure 
    • Pursue, with key partners, opportunities for adaptation on critical water issues by challenging conventional thinkin

    Main outputs

    • Increased awareness among Governments for water and climate change, virtual water and trade, and a water, food, energy, health and education alliance
    • Events, Publications and Policy Briefs to support continuous dialogue, particularly around the importance of adaptation