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Organization : International Economic & Technical Cooperation and Exchange Center, Ministry of Water Resources, P.R. China
Acronym: : INTCE
Nationality of the organisation of establishment : China Year of establishment : 1995
college to which your organisation belongs to :
College 2:Government and government promoted organisations
Scope of your organisation : National
Are you organiation's activities focused primarily on water and sanitation ? : Yes No
Please indicate your organisation's field(s) of expertise and activities :
  • Water resources management
  • Basic Human needs or health
  • Development or infrastructure
  • Climate or natural hazards
  • Environment or ecosystems
  • Water supply or sanitation
  • Agriculture or food production
  • Human rights or social issues
  • Education or capacity building
  • Human settlements or habitats
  • Regulation and governance
  • Economics or finance
  • Research or development
  • Energy or industry
  • Media awareness
  • International cooperation or humanitarian relief
You may specify your activities by providing a list of more precise keywords:
Description of your Organisation's activities : As a government-sponsored organization based in Beijing, China, International Economic & Technical Cooperation and Exchange Center (INTCE) has been engaged in international economic and technical cooperation initiatives in the water sector since its founding in 1995. At present, INTCE performs the role of a think tank dedicated to the study of global water issues, and it has developed several focus areas including International water resources management, water financing, water ecology protection and restoration, water conservation, biodiversity and environmental flow assessment research, transboundary river cooperation, etc. Over the past 20 years, INTCE has accumulated rich experiences in managing projects in partnership with international organizations and foreign government agencies, and it has established cooperative relationships with World Bank, Asian Development Bank, UN Food and Agriculture Organization, United Nations Development Programme, EU, GEF, GWP, World Water Council, Lancang-Mekong Water Commission, DFID and AusAID. As a certified agency, INTCE also undertakes a number of South-South cooperation projects with Central Asia and African countries. In addition, it provides secretariat for China Europe Water Platform (CEWP) and other bilateral cooperation mechanisms between Ministry of Water Resources of China and its counterpart ministries in Finland, Denmark and Korea. Furthermore, INTCE plays an active role in supporting China water community’s participation in international water events, such as World Water Forum, Singapore International Water Week and Stockholm World Water Week, etc.

Governor representative :
First Name : Qiuchi Last Name : Shi
Title : Mrs. Position : Director-General
Nationality : China Gender : Male Female
Email :
background : Madame Shi Qiuchi is the Director-General of International Economic and Technical Cooperation and Exchange Center of MWR, mainly responsible for the water cooperation between China and other international organizations. Madame Shi has been working in the water sector for many years in various positions. She is a distinguished water environment expert and has made important contributions to policy-making and the development of legal framework on water ecology protection and restoration in China. She is also a member of the steering committee of Global Water Partnership and is overseeing many bilateral and multilateral cooperative projects between MWR and its international partners.

Alternate representative :
First Name : Zhao Last Name : Hao
Title : Mr. Postion : Division Director
Nationality : China Gender :
Email :
background : Mr. Hao Zhao is the Division Director at International Economic and Technical Cooperation and Exchange Center of MWR, mainly responsible for the water cooperation between China and other international organizations. Mr. Hao has rich experience in organizing international water events, bridging cooperative relations between MWR and its partners, and delivering concrete programs that are beneficial to concerned parties in the water sector. Mr. Hao has played an important role in the cooperation between MWR and WWC, especially since 2009 when MWR was elected to the BoG of WWC.

Organisation statement:
Please describe the involvement of your organisation within the World Water Council and state how long it has been involved in World Water Council activities : INTCE has been involved in the activities organized by WWC since 2009. Over the years, the cooperative partnership between INTCE and WWC has been intensified and strengthened. INTCE has played an active role in China’s participation in previous world water forums, and in particular helped organize several seminars on water infrastructure, water financing and water security. INTCE has also worked closely with the World Water Council in a series of activities and programs during the World Water Forums. For instance, INTCE was one of key contributor to the publication of Global Water Security, which collected successful cases from ten countries and regions. Jointly launched by Chinese Ministry of Water Resources and World Water Council at a special session organized by INTCE during the 8th World Water Forum in Brazil, this publication was well received by experts and professionals. Lastly, INTCE has helped to raise the profile of WWC in China’s water sector as well as among the general public. INTCE aims to become a bridge between WWC and China water community, and stands ready to deepen exchange of water knowledge and expertise with other members of WWC family.
For what reasons do you wish your organisation to have a seat on the Board of Governors ? With rapid social and economic development, water governance in China faces both old and new challenges brought by frequent water scarcity, ecological degradation, environment pollution and flood and drought disasters. Over the years, the Chinese government has carried out effective strategies and pragmatic measures which formulated China’s solutions to water related problems, by means of absorbing and learning best practices and advanced technologies all over the world and sharing of experiences with other countries. China attaches high importance to cooperative partnership with WWC, and conducts diversified, fruitful and practical cooperation and exchange activities with WWC and its member countries through technical exchange, capacity building and joint research. WWC has a proven record in bridging divides, cultivating consensus, stimulating innovation and generating global awareness. It has played an instrumental role in successfully organizing a series of World Water Forums, which helped catapult water issues to a much higher place on government agenda around the world, and World Water Forums are productive channels and platform for communication between China and the world, playing positive roles in deepening mutual trust and practical cooperation. As a government sponsored organization, we are confident that we can make valuable contributions to the Board of Governors of WWC. Firstly, in solving the multi-faced water challenges, China has accumulated abundant experiences and knowledge on water governance which we are ready to share with international partners. Secondly, we have a huge network of domestic and international partners, including governments, research institutions, business enterprises and educational organizations, which can be mobilized to support the implementation of WWC’s strategies and priorities. Thirdly, benefiting from long-term partnership of WWC, we have solid understanding of WWC’s mission, mechanisms, constitution and philosophies. Fourthly, Ministry has hosted two BoG meetings in China and jointly worked with WWC to publish reports and organize events. Therefore, we have a lot of experiences to bring to bear on the decision making process. If elected to the Board of Governors of WWC, INTCE will strive to synergize its ongoing and future activities with the mechanisms, mission and strategies of WWC. INTCE will support the work of WWC, bring China’s experience and solution to WWC community and the world, and strengthen comprehensive water cooperation with Board of Governors to promote the realization of the mission, the goals and objectives of WWC. At the same time, we will encourage more Chinese organizations to join WWC and participate in the World Water Forum. By joining hands with WWC members, we endeavor to address various water challenges and achieve water security for all.