news : Система мониторинга действий (СМД)

    Интерактивная платформа - Система мониторинга действий – создана для фиксирования и мониторинга хода работ, проводимых мировым водным сообществом по реализации Дорожных карт, принятых на 7-м Всемирном Водном Форуме. Исходя из результатов 6-го Форума (Марсель, 2012 г.), СМД сформулирована вокруг 16 тематических областей 7-го Форума, которые будут развиты в течение последующих трех лет до 8-го Форума, который будет проходить в Бразилии в 2018 году. 


    news : Повышение мобилизации правительств ради «Сохранения воды для нашего будущего»

    Paris, UNESCO Headquarters, 24-25 February 2015 - Over 200 government representatives are meeting again for the Second Ministerial Preparatory Committee meeting (PrepCom II) along with international organizations and civil society representatives. In preparation for the 7th World Water Forum, PrepCom II will define the political priorities and progress towards “Water for our Future” and set the foundations for the 7th World Water Forum’s Ministerial Statement. 

    news : Опубликовано Третье уведомление о 7-м Всемирном Водном Форуме

    This announcement presents the main elements and processes in which you can engage during this historical time in Daegu & Gyeongbuk. Your participation is critical to ensure a successful 7th World Water Forum that will lead to effective and lasting progress in the global water community, far beyond 2015.” World Water Council President Benedito Braga. 
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    news : Участвуйте в 4-м международном конкурсе МКФВ

    The 4th edition of the International Water and Film Event will take place in Daegu and Gyeongbuk, Republic of Korea, during the 7th World Water Forum next April 2015. 
    Movie directors, producers, water stakeholders, youth, and all citizens are invited to participate in the competition and express their views on water issues. The theme for the 7th edition of the World Water Forum is “Implementing solutions.”

    news : Срок подачи заявок на Мексиканскую награду в области водного хозяйства продлен до 15 февраля

    Towards the establishment of local public policies for water supply and sanitation.
    The organizing committee of the 3rd Edition of the Mexico Water Prize is calling for applications.
    Previously known as the Compromiso Mexico Prize, the Prize aims to promote, divulge and stimulate best practices in implemented public policies which have had successful local outcomes for water resources management, and which can demonstrate measurable results in the solution of problems related to water supply, sewerage and sanitation services. 


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