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13 September 2017 to 13 September 2017

Roundtable on Financing Water

Tel Aviv, Israel

World Water Council, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Government of the Netherlands

The Roundtable on Financing Water, a joint initiative of the OECD, the World Water Council and the Government of the Netherlands, was established as a response to the international community’s recognition of the critical contribution of water to sustainable development and the need to ensure adequate financing for water. More details on the rationale and aims of the initiative

The inaugural meeting was held at OECD Headquarters in Paris on 12-13 April 2017. The meeting gathered around 70 participants, including private investors, development finance institutions, bilateral donor agencies, government officials, NGOs and research institutions. Summary of the discussion highlights and roadmap for future work

The second meeting of the Roundtable will be held in Tel Aviv, Israel on September 13th, in the context of WATEC. It will provide an opportunity to update participants on on-going analytical work under the several themes in the roadmap for future work. It will also provide an opportunity for participants to engage in discussion and share their views on key issues, including innovation, blended finance and the role regulation in stimulating, or hindering, investment in water security. The outcomes of the meeting will help to steer future work and contribute to future meetings of the Roundtable.