Membership Information

WWC Members' Day - June 2011

The World Water Council believes that, in order to effectively conserve, protect, develop, manage and utilise this vital resource, it is essential to encourage and strengthen multi-stakeholder, multi-disciplinary and cross-sectoral exchange and dialogue.
In order to impact water-related actions positively, all perspectives need to be considered in ongoing reflection and debate to ensure a water-secure future for the world.

For this reason, and in response to increasing concern from the global community about world water issues, the World Water Council was created by a number of key water institutions in 1996 as a membership organisation representing and federating the great diversity of water stakeholders.

By Joining the Council, organisations working or concerned by water-related issues benefit from:


  • Be part of an international platform which offers opportunities to exchange knowledge and experience with others and to establish multi-stakeholder partnerships. 
  • Stay informed on recent water community news and events through Council and Forum publications.
  • Benefit from financial advantages, such as discounts on Forum registration fees and the Water Policy Journal.


  • Make their voice heard: Contribute to improving understanding between stakeholders, while enabling new ideas on water policy to surface.
  • Gain worldwide exposure for their organisations' actions by
    utilising the Council’s name, logo and communication tools and
    by participating in the Council’s activities.


  • Through the Council and the World Water Forum, influence Ministers, Parliamentarians and Mayors to develop sound water-related policies and to give greater priority to water in the political agenda.
  • Play an active role in determining strategies for the Council and the World Water Forum through supporting the implementation of programmes and activities.
  • Adhere to a worldwide movement defending the cause of water and commit to supporting the World Water Council’s mission.

Apply to our World Water Prizes

The World Water Council has two prestigious water related Prizes, which are awarded on the occasion of the triennial World Water Forum: The King Hassan II Great World Water Prize and the Kyoto World Water Grand Prize.

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