4th World Water Forum, Mexico, 2006

Thematic Process

Thematic framework of the Forum

To facilitate and guide the selection of the topics to be addressed in the Forum, a framework of themes and cross-cutting issues were prepared. It comprised 5 major themes corresponding to global challenges and 5 cross-cutting issues aimed at bringing local action forward.

Both are described in the table and figure below. Click on each link to access the related outcomes.

 Framework themes

 Cross-cutting perspectives

 1- Water for Development 1- New Models for Financing Local Water Initiatives
 2- Implementing Water Resources Management 2- Institutional Development, Right and Political Processes
 3- Water and Sanitation for All 3- Capacity Building and Social Learning
 4- Water for Food and the Environment 4- Application of Science, Technology and Knowledge
 5- Risk Management 5- Targeting, Monitoring and Implementation Assessment

For each theme and cross-cutting perspective, a "beacon" (an organisation or a group of organisations) was appointed. This beacon was responsible for providing thematic guidance on the various themes or cross-cutting issues. They were greatly implicated in the regional preparatory process.

Two important meetings to facilitate exchanges between beacons and regional representatives were scheduled in 2005, one in February, one in November. Additional ones were also organised on an ad-hoc basis.

How was the thematic framework implemented?

Beacons were given the first task to prepare baseline documents, which were discussed during the Beacons' meeting held in Mexico in February 2005. These documents tentatively stipulated the scopes of activities involved in the various themes and identified the issues at the local level.

These baseline documents were made available to everybody involved in the preparatory process, who were given the opportunity to react to them.

The baseline documents progressively evolved into main documents for the Forum, and contained analysis and proposals relevant to the major themes of the Forum.

Beacons also contributed to the selection of local actions relevant to their respective themes and cross-cutting issues.