Headquarters Staff

The following list includes a quick description of the tasks of each staff member. If you wish to send an e-mail to one of them, simply click on the corresponding name.

Administrative, institutional & communications pole

picture of Valerie Bistagne

Valérie Bistagne
Administration, Finances and Communications Director

  • Human resources
  • Administrative Management
  • Finances
  • Legal affairs
  • Official documents translations
  • Communications
Karim Adgharouamane

Karim Adgharouamane
Administrative and Finances Officer

  • Assistant to the Administrative & Financial Director
  • Bookkeeping, cost accounting
  • Relations with suppliers
Laurent Grube

Laurent Grube
IT Officer

  • IT-Management
  • Tools development
Valerie Sarfati

Valérie Lydon
Team PA

  • Team personal assistant
  • Logistics and organization of international and institutional events
  • Administration and maintenance of membership
  • HQ travel arrangements
Carole Schaal Cornillet

Carole Schaal Cornillet
Public Relations and Membership Officer

  • Membership coordination and development
  • Media and public relations
  • VIP and donor relations
Alba Glass

Alba Glass
Communications Officer

  • Web & Newsletter management
  • Communications, marketing and PR activities
  • Contact for World Water Forum communication activities
  • Translations
  • Coordination of the King Hassan & Kyoto Prizes
Fabien Canale

Fabien Canale
Communications and IT assistant

  • Website integration 
  • SEO 
  • Communication tasks support



Thematic & political pole

Daniele Gaillard-Picher

Danielle Gaillard Picher
Director of Policy and Programs

  • Management of the Council’s thematic and political programmes
  • Relationship building with key members and partners
  • Supporting the selection, negotiation process, governance and management of the World Water Forums
Kevin Chretien

Kevin Chrétien
Project Officer

  • Institutional affairs
  • Thematic and policy review
  • Citizen’s Forum and youth task force



Allelign Zeru

Allelign Zeru
Project Officer

  • Coordinate projects and manage consultants for water & green growth projects
  • Coordinate and lead programmes development on water & energy, water & disaster, climate change & reservoirs, water & sanitation
  • Support Science & Technology Process of 7th World Water Forum



Mariem Khemiri

Mariem Khemiri
Project Officer

  • Coordination of Local Authorities Process and the Istanbul Water Consensus
  • Coordination of Parliamentarian Process 
  • Political Policy Engagement
Afonso Do Ó

Afonso Do Ó
Project Officer

  • Coordinate and manage projects on water & agriculture and water & food security
  • Coordinate and lead program development on the human right to water, water for health & nature, transboundary issues, and Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)
  • Support Regional Process of 7th World Water Forum

Apply to our World Water Prizes

The World Water Council has two prestigious water related Prizes, which are awarded on the occasion of the triennial World Water Forum: The King Hassan II Great World Water Prize and the Kyoto World Water Grand Prize.

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