4th World Water Forum, Mexico, 2006

New initiatives and special events


  • The 2nd edition of the UN World Water Development Report (WWDR) was launched. More information.

  • The new UN Water Actions and Networking Database was presented. More information.

  • Ministers from the Asia-Pacific region established the Asia-Pacific Water Forum. More information.

  • Transparency International launched Water Integrity Network. More information.
  • The WWC announced the launch of the "Water for Schools" initiative aiming to provide access to water for 1,000 schools in 10 countries and create training schools for high-level technicians.

  • Two major reports were released by the WWC and its partners: The right to water: from concept to implementation and the report of the Task Force on Financing Water for All, Enhancing access to finance for local governments and financing water for agriculture.

Special Events

  • The 2nd King Hassan II Great World Water Prize was awarded to Torkil Jonch-Clausen, from Denmark. More information.

  • The laureate of the 1st Kyoto World Water Grand Prize was the NGO Gran Vikas, from India. More information.

  • The 1st Water and Film Encounter

Apply to our World Water Prizes

The World Water Council has two prestigious water related Prizes, which are awarded on the occasion of the triennial World Water Forum: The King Hassan II Great World Water Prize and the Kyoto World Water Grand Prize.

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